Open Lid Dishwasher

Item No.: LPMIE408
Commercial dishwasher with open lid automatic washing machine for large hotel canteens and restaurants

Dishwashers are devices that automatically clean utensils such as bowls, chopsticks, plates, dishes, knives and forks. Fully automatic dishwashers on the market can be divided into household and commercial categories, which can be used in catering, hotels, canteens, restaurants. Fully automatic household dishwashers are suitable for families, mainly including cabinet type,




According to statistics, the breakage rate of washing dishes by hand is 0.041%, while the breakage rate of washing dishes by dishwasher is only 0.007%. By comparison, the use of dishwasher can reduce the cost of buying dishes, reduce the operating expenses. In addition, using a dishwasher is much faster than washing dishes by hand, saves a lot of money in terms of labor each year, and saves time and effort as well as the environment.


Things to pay attention to when communicating with customers

There are several basic problems:

1, what place to use (hotel, fast food chain, unit canteen, etc.)

2, what type of tableware (ceramic, plastic amine, stainless steel)

3, cleaning amount (about how many dishes per meal? How many people are there?

4, want what price, to achieve what cleaning purpose (cheap only wash not drift? Wash but not dry? For cleaning purposes only, tableware in the disinfection cabinet? Or is it required to come out dry?

5. Power supply voltage? Ultrasonic conventional is 220v/50hz, uncovered channel long are 380v. Can be customized according to customer requirements.