Molecular Distillation Equipment for CBD, MCT, Fish Oil etc.

Item No.: LPMIE315
Molecular distillation is a distillation method operated under high vacuum. At this time, the average free path of vapor molecules is greater than the distance between evaporation surface and condensation surface.

Product Description:

molecular distillation is a process of separation, purification and concentration of natural products, which is characterized by the separation of chemicals at the level of molecular free short route, which is different from the principle of separation by difference of traditional boiling point.


As a professional manufacturer, we can offer turnkey solutions for molecular distillation units, including molecular units, vacuum pumps, chillers, heaters, and necessary feeding / receiving components.


1. Short time - the material stays on the heating surface for a short time, reducing the chance of thermal decomposition.


2. Low boiling point - the evaporation temperature is much lower than the boiling point of the material, so the possibility of thermal decomposition of the material is further reduced.


3. Physical separation - separation can effectively protect the separated substances, suitable for the separation of high boiling point, heat sensitive and easily oxidized materials


4. The distillation temperature is lower than boiling point, which is the essential difference from conventional distillation;


5. High vacuum - low pressure, can inhibit the material oxidation damage.


6. Thin film of distilled liquid - high heat transfer efficiency and uniformity


7. It is suitable for the desolvation of liquid after solvent extraction, selective evaporation of target products and removal of other impurities.


Natural products: sesame oil, algal oil, Chinese essential oil, unsaturated fatty acids in fish oil, etc. 


Chinese and Western medicine: purification of Pogostemon cablin oil, Chinese herbal medicine such as Leigongteng and Huangqi, methylimidazole, amino acid and glucose derivatives; 


Light industrial food: Rose essential oil, cinnamon oil, pigment, flavor, enzyme preparation, lactic acid, xylose, starch sugar, potassium sorbate; 


Oil daily chemical: fish oil refining deacidification and deodorization, separation of mixed oil, soybean oil deacidification, egg phosphates, etc;


MCT Oil Extraction Machine Stainless Steel Molecular Distillation Equipment    MCT Oil Extraction Machine Stainless Steel Molecular Distillation Equipment



MCT Oil Extraction Machine Stainless Steel Molecular Distillation Equipment  MCT Oil Extraction Machine Stainless Steel Molecular Distillation Equipment




Technical Parameters:
Model MD-10 MD-20 MD-50 MD-100 MD-150 MD-200 MD-500
Evaporation Area m2 0.1 0.2 0.5 1 1.5 2.0 5.0
Feeding Rate L/h 1-15 5-25 10-60 50-120 60-180 100-200 200-500
Feeding Method High-precision gear pump
Receiving Method Continuous discharge pump
Equipment Height mm 2100 2650 3100 4250 4500 5000 7500
Max Speed (rpm) 50-350
Operation Temperature  Up to 350℃
Vacuum Level (mbar) Low to 0.001 mbar

Process principle and s tructure:

Molecular distillation is a technology to separate and purify different substances based on the difference of average free path of molecules. A thermal separation process working at 1 ~ 0.001 mbar pressure has low evaporation temperature, which is very suitable for heat sensitive and high boiling point materials. The utility model comprises a cylindrical can body with a heating jacket or an external electric heater device, a rotor and an internal condenser; The fixed frame of the rotor is accurately equipped with a film scraper and an anti splash device. The built-in condenser is located in the central ring of the evaporator, and the rotor rotates between the inner wall of the cylindrical can body and the condenser.

MCT Oil Extraction Machine Stainless Steel Molecular Distillation Equipment