Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine

Item No.: LPMIE245
This is horizontal type automatic cartoning machine for packaging various products into box and carton, such as blisters, bottles, bags, tubes, etc.

The machine can make packaging of various goods, also suitable for food packaging, cosmetics packaging and other packaging industry. 
The use of a wide range, at the same time, according to the different requirements of users, suitable for mass production of single species, and also satisfy the user with many varieties of small batch production.


  1. This machine can automatically feeding, open the box, in the box, print batch number, box sealing. Compact and reasonable structure, simple operation and easy adjustment.

  2. Servo / step motor, touch screen, PLC control system, man-machine interface display operation more simple and clear, high degree of automation.

  3. The automatic detection and tracking system of photoelectric eye, no bottle no box, to maximize savings packaging materials.

  4. Packaging range is large, easy adjustment between various size of box.

  5. Change different boxes without changing mould, only through machine adjustment.

  6. When the bottle does not reach the designated position automatic shutdown,  and main drive motor overload protection make the machine safe and reliable.

  7. According to customer requirements, using upward safety protection cover, convenient operation and beautiful appearance.

  8. Can make production line with other packing machine, filling machine, labeling machine, etc.

  9. According to the packaging design requirements to make various automatic feeders and into the box system.

  10. Option of hot melt adhesive machine, uses the hot melt adhesive glue box sealing and mechanical brush glue seal box.

  11. The machine frame and the board have sufficient strength and stiffness, frame with the machine main drive motor and clutch brake, board with the transmission system, the torque overload protection device can make the main drive motor and the drive parts off in case of overload, in order to protect the machine parts are not damaged.

  12. The machine is low DB design (equipment noise below 75 decibels)

  13. The whole line foot by thread foot disc, height adjustable.

  14. Safety:
    No box: not into the box, the machine will automatically stop and alarm will sound.
    Do not enter the box: the empty box rejecting. The machine will automatically stop and alarm will sound.
    No bottle: box waiting. The machine will automatically stop and alarm will sound.




Production capacity


Box size         

45×20×14mm (AxBxC)
250×150×80mm (AxBxC)

Box material

White cardboard: 250-350g/m2
Gray cardboard: 300-400g/ m2

Air pressure


Gas consumption


Power supply

220V/50HZ 2.0KW

Overall size