The hottest film in China of summer 2018 —Dying to Survive

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Update time : 2018-08-07 11:37:46
This Chinese blockbuster, which is based on a true story, is undoubtedly  the best film in China of  2018. Since the release of the film,it has caused a wave in China of cinema craze and grossed more than RMB 3 billion so far.The film reflects current social phenomenon through the story of some ordinary people, which has obtains audience’s praise and triggered heated discussions.

The film tells a story of a hapless middle-aged man Cheng yong who helps leukaemia patients to purchase India's generic drugs. The hero,Cheng yong, runs a shop of India God oil,but his business is losing money for a long time.He doesn’t even afford the rent of his shop.His wife divorced him and planed  to take their son abroad. Worse yet, His father got ill. In order to save his sick father and keep his son around,he smuggled cheap India 's generic drug to make profit.Finally he became the agent of India 's generic drug Gleevec in China.As the business grew,Chengyong realized that smuggling is risky, he afraid to assume legal liabilities for the consequences therefrom.So he gave up the business and set up a clothing factory instead. However, a year later, his friend lv,a Leukaemia person passed away,and the matter deeply stimulated cheng.He desided to purchase the drug for patients again.But this time,Cheng yong help them sincerely, not for profit.As the Indian drug maker had been accused of infringing valid patents,they were not allowed to sell their products to the third country.Cheng yong bought drugs from Indian pharmacies at retail prices,then selling to leukaemia patients at wholesale prices.In order to reduce the patients' economical burden,Cheng yong fill price difference by himself. But he was finally arrested.On his way to prison, all the patients who had accepted his help came to see him. Among them, cheng yong seems to see his friend Lv and Peng,and he was pleased……

The film contains warmth and hope,reflects human power,has strong practical significance.The characters in the film who have leukaemia cannot afford the imported drugs,so they buy generic drugs instead.For them,only want to live,while the generic drugs that Cheng yong purchased gives them the hope for living.The film will make people pay more attention to leukemia patients and their dilemmas.In order to avoid the tragedy in the film,related departments should accelerate the process of medical reform and give patients more protection.

It even happens in real life,the imported patented drugs,such as Gleevec,Tarceva  etc.actually be more expensive than generic drugs.Why such a big gap between two drugs with similar efficacy?The reason is patented drugs spend more in the tech sector. According to statistics,It now average costs more than $1.54 billion to develop a new drug,and the process will take about 14 years.While the companies of generic drugs can do so for little cost.However,no matter patented drugs or generic drugs,which come in tablet form,they all need an equipment to produce—Tabletting machine.Rotary tablet press is the most widely used in tablet production.It can independently complete continuous actions such as feeding, filling,pressing and discharging during rotation. LPMIE has this kind of machine.For more information,please click the picture below.