Succeeded in FAT of CCS modular Granulation System by Romanian Customer.

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Update time : 2008-04-08 14:46:00

The newly designed and developed CCS Modular Granulation system with requirements from Romanian customer, has gone through face-to-face negotiations of project, designing and manufacturing, linked test, finally passed FAT ON 30th Mar. 2008.

Such CCS system consists of Fluid bed drying Granulator, High speed Wet type mixing granulator, dry granule-modification machine, wet granule-modification machine, automatic vacuum feeder, control cabinet etc, which has features of powder transfer at the sealed condition, avoid the second pollution of products and high level automatization. The system meets not only the requirements of GMP and FDA, but the standards of CE of EU.

The handover of CCS system not only opens the gate which Chinese pharmaceutical machines enter into EU, but provides the best solution from China with GMP improvement of world pharmaceutical plants.