Spring is coming,it’s time to travel !

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Spring is coming,all things recovery,are you still staying at home?Come on!Let's go out together for an outing,feeling nature atmosphere,which are big pleasures.                                                        
                         How to decide where to go
If the whole family outings,including kidsand elders,you'd better go on a holiday at a beautiful island.If you don’t have enough time,having a picnic on a greenbelt is also a good choice,as you can enjoy a good family time and feel less tired.If just travel with children,you can choose a travel destination according to children'sage characteristic.Little kids should often close to nature by feeling warm and soft sand, vivid green grass,flowing creek etc.,we can lead them to love nature through this way.It’s best to arrange one or two days short family trip during this period.Ideally,it is recommended that one day touring scenic spots,another day choose a place which your children’s interested in,like aquarium,zoo or other children’s play ground.While older kids become stronger and sensible,they can visit some humanities scenicspot with their parents.Their parents can choose that kinds of place as a travel destination,and tell them the background and stories about the spots to help them better understand the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Best tips for traveling preparation        

For traveling preparation,there are mainly four aspects:clothing, food ,accommodation and itinerary.Clothing:Get appropriate clothing ready in advance,depending on local weather.And it is better to go outside with your rain gear and some sun-protection.Food:Dietetic hygiene should notice in journey,unfavorable eat too full or hollowly.You’d better use your own eating utensils an water bottles during the trip.Take care of your baby,ensure they drink clean water.Parents should warn them not pick or eat wild plants.Don’t forget to carry some medicine with you,maybe it is hard to get inan unfamiliar place.Accommodation:Most hotel can be booked,and you’d better order a quiet,comfortable room in advance.Beside,it’s necessary to get enough sleep every night.Itinerary: You need to arrange itinerary and prepare all your relevant documents like visa,identity card,credit card,tickets etc.in advance. For security, you should avoid risky environments,like going up the steep path,moving alone at night and so on.Don’t stay at crowded areas for a long time,especially for elders and kids.
Before you go,you’d better go shopping in a supermarket to buy some bread,cookiesor other snacks eating on the way.Otherwise,these food are expensive on the plane or train.And here,are you curious about the package of these food?You’ll understandafter knowing about snack pillow packing machine of LPMIE.If you want to learn more information,click on the picture below.