Order of 4 sets of Granule VFFS Machine with PLC and HMI controller

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Update time : 2016-12-22 13:24:43
USA customer ordered 4 sets of KVDK40 granule VFFS machine with PLC and HMI controller.

The Granule Packing Machine is suitable for packing non sticky, bulk or granular material, such as medical pills, food Stuffs, plant seeds, washing powder, coffee, sugar, desiccant etc The integrated processes of bag making, measuring filling, sealing cutting, counting and hot pressing codes can be done automatically. Packing material include several kinds of heat seal lamination, such as PET/plated AL/PE, PET/PE, NYLON etc.

  1. The material of our machine is 304SS, also the screw is used for stainless steel (other supplier use 201SS, and the screw is iron material, which is easy to get rusty.), it is more health.
  2. We adopt newly filling adjusting structure; you can change the filling range without stop the machine, more accuracy.
  3. We adopt PLC controller and touch screen.
  4. As sealing and cutting finished completely, they made the bags neat and fine.
  5. The process of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting and counting can be done automatically; it is high-performance and steady machine.
  6. This machine adopts special paper carrier system which makes the sealing side more beautiful and neater.
  7. Maintenance-free/oil-free servo motor
  8. Volumetric cups disk is easily dismantled
  9. For horizontal sealing, it adopts oil-free maintenance, and adopts high temperature resistance bearings.
  10. Adopting Inverter.