How To Preserve Fresh Food

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Update time : 2022-05-12 15:45:12
How To Preserve Fresh Food
When fresh food reaches consumers, it has to go through several links, such as production, processing, distribution and sales. Every link has risks. Food safety protection needs to be implemented in every link. Therefore, it is very important to wear "protective clothing" - separate packaging - for fresh food. So what are the benefits of individual packaging?
1.Product preservation, anti - oxidation
Oxygen is an important factor for normal respiration of plants. When oxygen is low, respiration is weak; when oxygen is high, respiration is strong. Fresh food for respiration needs to consume oxygen, decomposition of organic matter, affecting the storage time of fresh food.According to the principle of the effect of oxygen on respiration, the storage time of fresh food can be prolonged by reducing the concentration and flow of oxygen.If fresh food is packaged with plastic wrap, the oxygen in plastic wrap is less, which can effectively inhibit the respiration of fresh food and consume less organic matter, so it can prolong the time of fresh storage.
2.Avoid contamination during distribution and selection
Research shows that a human hand can be attached to hundreds of thousands of bacteria, people pick up fresh food when the bacteria passed to the fresh food, and fresh food once the disease deteriorates, its surface with the disease will soon infect other fresh food, so that the fresh food rotten.Separate packaging on the outside of food can provide a protective layer to prevent such cross-infection.
3.Reduce wastage and waste, save cost
The survey shows that most of the loss of fresh food comes from distribution and sales. It is easy to cause collision and extrusion between fresh food in the distribution link, and there will be different degrees of pinch in the sales link. Independent packaging can reduce such collision and damage, and reduce the loss of fresh food.
4.Beneficial to brand promotion
The independent packaging of fresh food can be labeled. On the label, the marketing advertisement, contact information or fresh price of the store or merchant can be displayed to the buyer through the label, which can achieve standard management.

There are many ways to pack fresh food independently, such as plastic wrap, vacuum packing, pillow packing,thermoform-sealed packaging and so on.Here we focus on the present fresh food the most common plastic wrap packaging. This way of packaging costs less, but can achieve a good preservation effect, suitable for fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, cooked food products.

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