Chinese New Year, not all chinese eat dumplings

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Update time : 2018-03-02 11:35:33

The Spring Festival,we can also call it Chinese New Year,is the most solemn festival in China,just like Christmas in the West.During the Spring Festival,the dishes we have seems more varied and delicious than usual.But did you know that the Spring Festival food customs are not the same in different regions of China?It is well known that Chinese people eat dumplings at Spring Festival,but it's just a custom in northern China.While in southern China,people don’t eat dumplings,they eat tangyuan instead.
Actually,the difference of food customs is easy to understand,people like cooking with local ingredients.Dumplings are made of flour,flour is made from wheat,and wheat is the most common crop in north of China,so the northern people like eating dumplings.While tangyuan are made of glutinousrice flour,Glutinous rice is a kind of rice and it can be found everywhere in south of China,so southerners prefer eating Tangyuan.In that sense,the difference food customs between northerners and southerners stem from their different staple food.
Northern Chinese often eat dumplings on New Year's eve and New Year's Day.Dumplings,which symbolize wealth as their shape resembles old fashioned Chinese gold and silver ingots,eating them symbolizes the gaining of wealth and having a good luck for the rest of this year.what's more,different dumpling stuffing also has different meaning.In Chinese,vegetable has a similarpronunciation with wealth.So no matter what kind of fillings,it express people's desire to be rich.

At Chinese New Year, many southerners don’t eat dumplings,but they eat tangyuanwith their family in New Year's moring.Tangyuan in Chinese has a  similar pronunciation with "tuanyuan”,meaning reunion.So people eat them to wish unionn,harmony and happiness for their family.There are variety of tangyuan stuffing,and the sugar fillings are most popular,as it symbolizes a happy and sweet life which all of us desire.Some people who live in south of China like eating rice cakes which are also made of glutinousrice flour,this kind of traditional Chinese food also known as "Year cake", and  " annual high" homophonic, symbolize the people's work and life better and better.

Although different food customs in different places,chinese has the same visions and wishes for the future.Just believe in yourself and work hard,you’ll make more money and have a better life! Now,with improvement of life condition,we can eat dumplings,tangyuanor rice cakes any time and no longer have to wait until the Spring Festival.If you have no  time to make them,it doesn't matter,you can also prepare quick-frozen ones and they are more convenient.Do you know how these convenient quick-frozen foods are packaged?If you want to know more about this kind of packing,please click the LPMIE Automatic Pillow Packing Machine’s pictures below.